TNC Pro Team – Dota 2 is the foundation of the TNC Pro Teams.

Born on 2015 as an all Filipino squad, the team saw immediate success in the SEA region, placing 2nd in the WCA SEA qualifiers and eventually finishing 5th in the WCA 2015.

Progress was fast for the Dota 2 squad as they qualified at The International Dota 2 Championships in 2016 where they cemented the legacy of Philippine Dota 2 after eliminating tournament favorites OG – a feat that up to now resonates among fans of Dota 2. Shortly after, the team once again raised the Filipino flag by winning the WESG World Championship 2016 after beating Cloud9 of Denmark.

Since then, TNC Pro Team continues to rise further, becoming a globally recognized Dota 2 squad and are treated as hometown heroes not only by local esports fans, but by the SEA region as well.